Restorative Practices Training

“The last two days have been indescribable in the best way possible. I left today feeling that “I’m gonna change the world” feeling. I feel empowered, hopeful, grateful, honored, and excited to begin this work. I’m ready to see changes in how we interact with kids and be reflective upon my own behavior.”

– Taylor Sakinsky

Advanced Restorative Practices Training Series

Illinois – Fall 2024

Registration now open.


Sustaining  Community & Repairing Harm

3-Day Training Event + 2 Follow-Up Community of Practice Booster Sessions


It is through the development of a strong foundation of Restorative Practices that youth and adults alike can deepen their already established relationships & community and effectively repair harm when it is caused. Participants who enjoyed Ali’s Foundational Restorative Practices training will take their learning to the next level in this Advanced Restorative Practices training series. 

Systems and Implementation leaders will take a deeper dive into values and needs, effective communication, and critical features of responsive Restorative Practices, and will begin action planning around the systems necessary to sustain the installation of this advanced work in schools. Through continuing to share our own stories and exploring strategies to help others do the same, participants will not only have an opportunity to grow personally but will gain skills and tools to empower the school community to systematically respond to harm restoratively.

Who Should Attend

Committed systems leaders and implementer leaders who experienced the Ali Hearn Coaching + Consulting (AHCC) Foundational Restorative Practices Training Series, are actively working to sustain community in their school/district, and want to learn the processes necessary to support repairing harm once it has been caused.

Systems Leaders: Those in positions of authority to make major systems (infrastructure) decisions

Implementer Leaders (trailblazers): Those eager educators committed to implementing with fidelity right away!

Individuals are welcome to attend, even without a team (as long as you attended the AHCC Foundational Training)!

Goals and Objectives

By the end of the series participants will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Foundational Restorative Practices 
  • Be able to identify critical features of Advanced (responsive) Restorative Practices
  • Be able to identify the steps necessary to conduct responsive restorative processes that facilitate Repairing harm when it has occurred, and will have an opportunity to begin practicing these skills
  • Leave the session understanding the systems necessary for the successful implementation of Advanced Restorative Practices 
  • Establish the next steps in the process of establishing a future process for systematically identifying when a restorative process is to be utilized, identifying initial cases to begin piloting, etc.
Community of Practice Booster Sessions:

The purchase of the 3-day Advanced Restorative Practices Training series includes not only the training itself but also two additional Community of Practice sessions with Ali Hearn. These sessions are designed with these goals in mind:

  • To offer participants a safe/brave spaces to continue to practice their skills. A portion of each session will allow practice time for facilitation to keep your skills fresh!
  • To help you apply what you’ve learned and provide guidance on implementing the concepts, managing data, and handling system management related to the training material.
  • To allow participants the benefit of learning through the experience of others. By bringing people back together who have started to apply their skills, lessons can be learned and practices can be strengthened by all participants.
  • To learn additional content that is supplemental to the training content.

Structure of the Days

Day 1: Theories

Exploring needs, understanding the advanced practices continuum, impromptu conversations, etc.

Day 2: Practices

Understanding “Little r” and “Big R” (low to high intensity) processes, engaging in pre-conference work, creating a plan, etc.

Day 3: Installation

Determining which restorative process to use when, practicing skills, systems considerations for implementation, etc.


Days 1 & 2: October 3-4, 2024 (in person) | 8:30am – 3:30pm CT

Day 3: December 12, 2024 (in person) | 8:30am – 3:30pm CT

Space provided by Prairie Crossing Charter School
at Byron Colby Barn
1561 Jones Point Road, Grayslake, IL 60030
Parking is free.

Community of Practice (CoP) Booster Session Dates:

CoP #1: February 21, 2025 (in-person) | 12:30pm – 3:30 pm CT

CoP #2: April 16, 2025 (in-person) | 12:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Professional Development hours (CEU’s & CPDU’s) will be offered for all 3 days of training.

Please note that all participants must have attended the full Ali Hearn Coaching + Consulting Foundational Restorative Practices Training Series to attend.

You will receive an email 2 weeks prior to the event with additional information and a form to confirm who will be attending.

Please note there are no late admissions. Doors will open at 8:00 am, the training begins at 8:30am, and doors will close shortly thereafter. Please email if you need an exception.

We offer pricing for:
  • Individuals ($750 per attendee)
  • Trios ($2,000 for 3 attendees)
  • Small groups ($4,500 for 7-15 attendees)


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Do you offer refunds if I can't attend?

This live event does not offer refunds for cancellations. However, the tickets can be transferred to another individual for the assigned event date. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the ticket transfer process, please contact us at

What if I can't attend all 3 days?
Participation in all three days is a requirement, especially for your first cohort / Leadership team being trained. Please contact with any questions you may have.
Am I able to get CPDUs or CEUs for attending this event?

At this time, credits for each training are event specific. If credits are being offered, it will be listed under the training’s specific details.

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Can I train the rest of my staff when I return from this training?

The short answer is, no.
This is not a turnkey training model. Please attend this training with your own personal growth in mind. You will be learning how to apply your new skills to the environments you work in the most. Day 3 of the Advanced Restorative Practices Training (Day 6 of the total series) focuses specifically on the systems and data necessary to effectively support this work and includes time for developing a comprehensive implementation plan to achieve intended outcomes.

(Click HERE to read an article about some of the challenges of turnkey training.)

Is free parking available?

Yes, free parking available.

Is lunch provided?

While lunch will not be provided as part of the training package, there will be an hour-long lunch that will take place from approximately 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Foundational Restorative Practices Training Registration

Illinois - Winter 2025

Payment Method: Credit Card


Foundational Restorative Practices Training Registration

Illinois - Fall 2024

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Advanced Restorative Practices Training Registration

Illinois - Fall 2024

Payment Method: Credit Card