The Boxing Bag That’s Saving My Life:
Everlast Elite Freestanding Heavy Bag

You could never get the full effect of me attempting to fill this 6ft tall bag/base thing with water by myself, but just think: massive heavy bag up on the kitchen sink counter (It wouldn’t reach the sink to fill it with water while it was on the floor so obviously that was the next best choice.), assuming you are strong enough to at least fill it halfway, putting in the amount of water you think you can to still lift it down and onto the floor to fill it the rest of the way, not thinking to use the cap during transition, misjudging how strong you actually are (probably by a hundred pounds at least), and endless gallons of water flooding the kitchen.

After that, think: blasting music while boxing every day, getting stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically, and knowing you are choosing a healthy outlet… It’s been a game changer.   I encourage you to give it a go.  If you do, make sure to get something like THESE and some of THESE to protect your hands.



A new Habit Forming Tool that's giving me hope!