my newest obsession for me and my kids: Rock Climbing

While I was introduced to climbing as a child, I have been out of the game for a long time (and am not sure I was ever fully in it).  However, as I continue to find things that fill my soul with goodness and my body with strength, rock climbing just “climbed” to the top of my list.  I got these handholds on sale and started to put them up on a wall of my basement (thoroughly ruined my walls, but the kids are thrilled!)

And if you live in IL, First Ascent Rock Climbing Gym just opened up in Arlington Heights.  Check it out!  I can’t wait to start getting over there more regularly.

I hope that you all are finding some things to make you smile this summer, whatever those things may be.  For me, two of them were:

  • Feed some “Begging Burroughs” in South Dakota.  Yes, that’s my RX Bar they are eating.  They are my favorite so I was not shocked.
  • Rock climbing up a mountain in Vermont at the BEST/VTMTSS Summer Institute.  Truly one of the “best” events I have gotten to be a part of before!  I was honored to be able to present there

Stay hopeful.  Stay strong.  Stay committed.
We are in this together.

With gratitude,