Another show I couldn’t get enough of
Live to 100: Secrets of Blue Zones

If anyone has ideas about how to live to 100, I am all ears! Life is hard! And I have felt the struggle over the last few years (it was for real)! And… I am SO “IN” on living all of life and feeling all the feels until the end. I do believe that discomfort is where we grow and we rise stronger after we fall, etc. So, when I unintentionally stumbled upon this gem, and the tv started doing that thing where it automatically starts playing a show you’re only “hovering over” (they are so smart), I couldn’t turn away.

I was waiting for it (from all the research I have personally done and read about over the years) and was not shocked at all to learn about the impact that community and relationships have on our health and living longer lives! Yes, we literally live longer! I started sharing THIS VIDEO (the Roseto Effect) years ago because I am fascinated by this concept. In community, and in relationship, we can live longer?! Come on! It’s literally part of the recipe for our survival!

This just reinforces that we are doing the right work with Restorative Practices. The proactive side of the continuum is all about building relationships and community to strengthen our outcomes! See, we are helping people live longer!



A new Habit Forming Tool that's giving me hope!