Book I finished and loved!
Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find- And Keep- Love

I seriously loved this book!  It was a fast read and I learned a TON about myself.  I am for sure an anxious attachment (I mean, I like to believe I am secure, and perhaps sometimes… but in general, realistically, probably anxious).  Here are a few quotes to pique your interest:

  • “The study demonstrates that when two people form an intimate relationship, they regulate each other’s psychological and emotional well-being.  Their physical proximity and availability influence the stress response.  How can we be expected to maintain a high level of differentiation between ourselves and our partners if our basic biology is influenced by them to such an extent?”
  • “Understanding attachment will change the way you perceive new people you meet, but it will also give you surprising insight into your partner if you are already in a relationship.  In dating situations, your thinking will shift from ‘Do they like me?’ to “Is this someone I should invest in emotionally?  Are they capable of giving me what I need?’  Going forward with a relationship will become about choices you have to make… Uncovering your partner’s attachment style will allow you to better understand the particular challenges that you face as a couple- an essential step toward using attachment principles to improve your bond.”

Whether in a relationship or not, I think this book is an absolute game-changer!



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